Why Choose Arbora?

As organisations change and transform,they face many challenges.  From diminishing staff engagementand declining productivity through to damage to your consumer and employerbrands, there are many factors that affect your competitive advantage.  Byworking with Arbora, you can be sure that you will minimise any threats andsuccessfully achieve your business goals.

Arbora can add value to your organisationin many tested and proven ways:

Maintaining productivity - Bymaintaining the engagement and commitment of those staff who are remaining inyour business, as well as those that are leaving, we ensure productivity isunaffected through periods of change.  Any change process, especially thosethat involve redundancies, can be disruptive.  Arbora provides high touchsupport to those leaving and this is proven to have a positive impact of thosestaying with the business.

Protecting reputation - Bydemonstrating that you are true to your values and socially responsible, youcan mitigate any reputational damage associated with redundancies.  Arboraprovides an outstanding experience for your people, ensuring those leaving yourorganisation receive the support, advice and guidance they need to succeed.Research shows that demonstrating your commitment to helping people achieve thebest possible outcome will protect and enhance your employer brand externallyas well as internally.

Minimising the risk of legal challenge - By providingoutplacement support over and above any statutory requirement, legal challengesresulting from dismissals will be dramatically reduced.  This not onlyminimises potential financial costs, it also reduces the disruption anddistraction caused by conflicts of this type.

Reducing costs  - By involving Arbora early inthe change process, as with other trusted business advisors, we can help youreduce costs.  Organisations that provide outplacement typically realise a30% reduction in costs attributed to ineffective processes and peoplemanagement during a redundancy programme. We are especially effective inincreasing the success of redeployment programmes and this, in turn, willdeliver significant savings to the organisation by reducing severance andexternal recruitment costs.

Innovating from the bottom up – By developingand enhancing our offerings locally, we can promise services that are relevant,current and above all, effective. Entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA, it'sone of the things that makes Arbora special.  Innovation is driven andshared from our partner businesses rather than from a corporate centre.Decisions can be made locally and quickly and we have a proven agility todeliver the services you need every time and everywhere. It’s one of thereasons that so many people (90%) would recommend their Consultant to a friend.

Delivering globalcapability through local ownership - By engaging Arbora, you can be sure of localexpertise, local commitment and, above all, local passion.  Our structuremeans that businesses are owned and managed locally so the 'name above thedoor' is always close and on hand to manage your project.   And the pricesyou pay locally will always be appropriate to your market. Together, ourpartners create a powerhouse of expertise and a global organisation with thecapability to deliver across borders and continents. It’s no wonder that, onaverage, our clients have been with us for over 10 years.


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As an internationalized HR and business solution provider, Zongfen is committed in building an efficient and professional consulting team to provide our clients with recruitment, human resources and business consulting services in China and around the world; we, as a typical “learning” company are constantly striving to create value for our customers and become your long-term partner.